The Lakes of Tempe

Perfect for families and older folks, The Lakes is a community in both appearance and substance. Named for the two large water features in the middle of the neighborhood, The Lakes consists of townhouses and homes between $100,000 and over $1M for custom homes on the lake.

The Area

Truly providing an all-inclusive experience, The Lakes offers a community clubhouse complete with tennis and volleyball courts, a pool, gym, playground, and picnic area. Residents can also fish and boat on the lake. In addition to maintaining standards, the community association also regularly hosts events such as concerts, parties, barbeques, socials, and lunches. Residents also participate in interest clubs who meet weekly at the clubhouse, such as the foreign film club, the “Mom” group, and women’s group. The clubhouse also hosts several activities for children, including weekly story times and camps during the summer.

Located less than 15 minutes away from Arizona State University, The Lakes is conveniently located close enough to downtown Tempe to enjoy it on a regular basis, but self-contained enough to enjoy the benefits of an all-inclusive community. Aside from the dining, shopping, and entertainment opportunities downtown, The Lakes is immediately next to a residential shopping center that contains everyday necessities like Big Lots and Chase bank.

The Schools

Children within The Lakes community will attend either Rover Elementary School, Fees Middle School, or Marcos De Niza High School if enrolling in public education. 96% of students graduate from Marcos De Niza, with 35% attending a four-year university and 52% attending a community college. For its approximately 500 students, Marcos De Niza offers both Advance Placement and honors courses, as well as a wide selection of extracurricular activities, from robotics club to a capella to several champion sports teams.

For parents who desire to send their children to private school, there are five highly rated ones located within 10 minutes of The Lakes. If parents do not mind traveling a greater distance to take their children to school, they can choose from Tempe’s 70 other private educational opportunities.

For higher education, Arizona State University is located less than 15 minutes away from The Lakes. Whether looking to send your child to college or continue your education later in life, ASU offers a wide range of disciplines and a quality experience for a competitive price. By providing teaching aides to classrooms across the city and opening many events to the public, the university also contributes extensively to the development of younger children in Tempe.

The Economy

Home to US Airways, Insight Enterprises, LifeLock, First Solar Project, and many others, Tempe is the epicenter of Arizona business. ASU and the University of Phoenix also bring funds into Tempe like no other city in the Valley of the Sun. ASU, Maricopa Community College District, and the Salt River Project are the city’s top employers. According to the 2006 census, the median income for a Tempe family is $55,237.

The average price of a home in Tempe is approximately $311,000, meaning that The Lakes offers options below, at, and above the typical price point. Tempe’s housing market is becoming stronger, with an increase in housing prices by $40,000 since last year to a median of $177,150. Because of the greater amount of traffic, crime, and noise, the areas closest to the university are the least expensive—making The Lake’s 15 minute commute from the university a safe distance for individuals who would rather live without.

Tempe’s price-per-square-foot increased by 34% this year to $129. Tempe’s foreclosures are a mere fraction, with only 36% of re-sales accounting for them, while the rest of Arizona’s were 62% in 2010. The remainder of the state has consistently improved since them, but these statistics speak volumes for Tempe’s reliable market. Its role as the epicenter of higher education in the greater Phoenix area makes it less susceptible to economic downturns.

Is The Lakes for You?

Yes, if you want a neighborhood where the folks next door are friends, not strangers. The Lakes is a community centered around developing relationships with one another and enjoying life, as exhibited by their frequent events and extensive entertainment opportunities.