About the Community of Scottsdale
Scottsdale is the home to approximately 218,000 residents.  Scottsdale is split in to two areas – north and south Scottsdale.  North Scottsdale is primarily home to affluent families while the south of Scottsdale is generally home to single professionals.  Why this difference?  The south of Scottsdale’s buzz is it’s night life – restaurants, bars, night clubs are mostly found in the down town area of south of Scottsdale which hence draws in mostly single professionals in to this area to live within.  The north of Scottsdale is an affluent area that families find comfortable given it’s many stores and shops, and excelling school system.Scottsdale has a vibrant arts community with many galleries that are located in Old Town Scottsdale.  Many artists find Scottsdale the right place to live within, as well as writers and musicians.  A major mall – Scottsdale Fashion Square is also house in the Old Town area and is kept very busy by its residents.  It features two movie theaters – one of which is a hot spot for independent and foreign language movies.  Old Town also boasts the Scottsdale WaterFront that has not only condominiums and shopping/eateries but a man made canal with night time gondola rides.
The north of Scottsdale bumps up to both the Paradise Valley and Fountain Hills areas.  Residents can live close to mountainous areas such as the McDowell Mountains or Camelback Mountain, or live in a property that is closer to shops/stores.  Two clusters of shops and restaurants exist – one on Shea Road and the other on Frank Lloyd Wright/Bell Road.  Scottsdale is also close to not only Phoenix but the Cave Creek areas.  Many residents that live in Scottsdale work in Phoenix given it’s proximity to Phoenix and easy access to highways.  Families also enjoy the McCormick Stillman Railroad Park – a popular spot for play, picnics, train rides and birthday parties.
Baseball lovers will love Scottsdale in spring time.  The Salt River Fields is home to Arizona Diamondbacks and the Colorado Rockies for spring training.

Real Estate in ScottsdaleFor the Fun Loving PeopleThe real estate market in this area is one of the most expensive in the US. That being said, homes can generally be found as low as $300,000.  If you are seeking a luxury home, Scottsdale may be the best bet for you.  Many of the homes will have top end designs with unique and tasteful touches.  These homes are perfect for families but could also be a great match for a single professional seeking a larger property to own.

Condominiums are plentiful in the south of Scottsdale – perfect for an individual who is seeking a manageable ‘yard’/patio and small number bedrooms.  South of Scottsdale does also have homes that might fit a smaller budget.

Some Quick Stats on Scottsdale Real Estate The estimated median house or condo value in Scottsdale is $419,500

The median real estate property taxes in Scottsdale with mortgages is $2,127 or .5%.

The median real estate property taxes in Scottsdale without mortgages is $1,938 or.5%.

How Do I Find or Sell my Home in Scottsdale

Getting a property in Scottsdale is do-able. However, you don’t need to just get any kind of property. You need the perfect one. There are a lot of things which you need to consider. Your budget, your own taste and even the location – all should go hand in hand. I can help you search for the impeccable property for your needs and wants.

Obviously, having a property in Scottsdale is already an asset. But if you don’t know how to sell it to its new owner, it may take a while to sell it. That’s where my expertise will come in. If you want to know more, this is the best time to call me.

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