Investing in Arizona Real Estate


Arizona draws in plenty of buyers lured in by not only the beauty of the state but what it can offer.

Value for money

If you compare the housing markets in large cities such as Los Angeles, Portland and Seattle to Phoenix, Phoenix will always yield the best value for money.  You will get more property for dollar spent, and hence you will get more for what you pay.  For example, in January 2013, this is a side by side comparison of the costs associated with a 2500 square foot home.

Portland, OR: $367, 467
Los Angeles, CA: $550, 000
Seattle, WA: $585, 294
Phoenix, AZ: $250,000

As you can see, many buyers see Arizona as having affordable options for purchasing a property and ensuring a solid investment.  It is also important to note that the median home cost in Arizona is $123,600.


Climate and outdoor living

It is not uncommon to have a large number of Arizonans boasting about winter highs of 64 degrees to their friends and families in the mid west and on the east coast.  With just about 300 days of sunshine in the Phoenix area and over 8 months of near-perfect weather, residents stay quite happy and content.  If you are on outdoors person, whether for sporting or just casual living, the Phoenix area is perfect.  Miles of hiking/biking trails and a large number of lakes, will keep you busy exploring new adventures.  Looking for snow in the winter?  Travel north for 2 hours and enjoy skiing and sledding in the Flagstaff area.

While Phoenix area summers can reach in to the 110-115 degree mark, Phoenicians use this time to explore areas up north which enjoy a cooler summer climate.  Phoenix is lucky in that summers are rarely humid.


Outdoor activities

Living in the Phoenix area will allow you access to a plethora of outdoor sports/activities including golfing, hiking, mountain biking, trail biking, running, disc golf, repelling, fishing, camping and kart racing.  This is not a complete list.  Farmer’s markets are quite popular in the cooler months as well as outdoor festivals and fairs.  These types of healthy activities are great for individuals, groups and families and you will likely find a favorite outdoor activity, even if it is as simple as enjoying a picnic in one of the many local parks.


Family living

A growing number of families are moving in to the Phoenix area due to the quality of schools, especially in the East Valley.  Combined with many parks, libraries, community recreation centers and family based activities (water parks, zoo’s, etc), the Phoenix area is a great place to grow your family.


Great Tourism Spots

Living in Arizona, you may find yourself hosting many of your friends and family in the cooler months.  Many visitors choose Arizona to vacation in for many of the reasons above as well as large tourist attractions including the majestic Grand Canon in the North.  Winter birds are generally attracted to spring training events, golfing and outdoor sports.  Arizona has plenty of art galleries, shopping areas and boasts some of the best eateries.  The Phoenix Art Museum and Heard Museum draw in many visitors wishing to experience local art as well as learning about the Native American culture.