Steps to Selling Your Home

5 Steps to Selling your Home – Beginner’s Checklist  

While you might have a well-conditioned home, it is important to acknowledge that there may be other properties similar to yours on the market.  The goal is to make yours stand out and be attractive to potential buyers.

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Here, you will find 5 steps to sell your property fast and easily.

1) Check and Improve your Property

Before putting your property on the market, it would be wise to ensure that it is in its best condition. Not only that you will be able to sell it faster, you will be able to get the best value for your property.

Start by organizing your belongings. It may be worth minimizing your household items that are in eye-sight.  Properties that are clear of clutter and boxy/excessive/heavy furniture tend to be more appealing to a buyer’s eye.  Some seller’s will put some items of furniture in storage to highlight a room’s space.  Some will remove personal family and friend pictures and mementos to de-personalize the space.  This allows potential buyers to not be distracted by personalizations that detract from their ability to visualize themselves in your space.

You might want to arrange your furniture for a more spacious feel. Home seekers love huge spaces. Try to look for interior design tips, or you can ask us to suggest points of improvements.  As tiring as it might be, make sure that your property is tidy and clean at all times.  You never know when a potential buyer may want to see your property.

Consider painting any dark or unique color walls.  These can be off-putting to buyers – again making it hard for them to see themselves in your space.  Some sellers will make other cosmetic changes in preparation for a listing.  For example, landscaping or new cabinet knobs.  Others will fix a couple nagging items that may be an eye-sore such as a leaky faucet or a hard-water crusted shower head.

As you realtor, I can provide a walk-through of your property and provide suggestions to make it more appealing to buyers.  It may mean a sacrifice or two on your end, however it will bring you closer to a potential sale.

2) Prepare a Fair Pricing

Once you are provided with a suggested listing price, be prepared to be objective in deciding on a final sale price.  Owners tend to overprice the value of their homes. That’s normal and to be expected, however may be an impediment to finding a buyer.  Buyers will determine what they are willing and not willing to pay for your property, no matter what the sale price is or what an owner wishes to receive as payment.  As your realtor I will guide you in finding the best list price for your property.  Our goal will be to sell your property with ease and within an optimal timeframe.

3) Efficiently Market your Home

My role as your realtor is to ensure that your house is marketed just right to find the perfect buyer.  Items to consider are:

  • Understanding the kind of buyer that would be interested in your property – for example a bachelor vs. a growing family vs. a retired couple
  • Taking photographs that highlight the best parts of your property
  • Writing up your listing in a way that matches potential buyers and accentuates appealing aspects of the property
  • Designing an appealing color flyer with copies available in the ‘for sale’ sign placed outside of the property, as well as inside of the property
  • Online advertising

4) Accept an Offer

By properly pricing and marketing your property, you can expect to receive numerous offers. That can be overwhelming at first however my role is to partner with you to find the best offer.  We will discuss how to best respond to bids and together take a direction that best fits the scenario.  For example as a seller you might choose to negotiate or you might decide to request a ‘best and final offer’.  My role will be to guide you through the process of reviewing offers, responding and accepting a bid.  I will ensure that all received paperwork from the buyers’ realtor is accurate so that it does not hinder the sale of the property.  Having sold many properties, I have a wealth of experiencing in preparing the paperwork required to accept an offer and move through the escrow process.

5) After Sale Check Up

Great job on selling your home!

If you followed the tips above, I believe that your transaction went terrific. It is important that you check everything before you turn over the property. Recheck all the electrical and water wirings. Make it presentable to the new owner.

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