Andersen Springs Community

Perfect for young families, Andersen Springs is a neighborhood proving that a quality home doesn’t have to break the bank. Offering a wide selection of living options, like condos, apartments, and traditional single-family homes, Andersen Springs prices range from below $100,000 to $500,000.

The Area

It is closely located to the thriving downtown Chandler, which boasts historical charm and a wide array of unique shopping and dining opportunities. However, if you’re not satisfied there, Chandler Fashion Center is only 10 minutes away and houses the best of American retail. Andersen Springs is also within walking distance to several public amenities, including four pools, a library, and a museum. With beautiful weather for most of the year, Arizonans wanting to enjoy it can explore Chandler’s many hiking trails, parks, and golf courses. Like most of Arizona, Chandler operates on a limited bus route, so residents will have the most flexibility by owning a car.

The Schools

Within the Chandler Unified School District, children living in Andersen Springs attend Erie Elementary, John M. Anderson Junior High, and Chandler High School, all of which have been ranked among Arizona’s 30 top schools and even the best in the country by Newsweek. As of 2006, the graduation rate at CHS is 80%. Parents also may send their children to one of the Chandler area’s 75 private schools, but none of these are located closely to Andersen Springs. Individuals wishing to continue their education can take courses at Chandler-Gilbert Community College or Arizona State University, which is located only 14 miles away in downtown Tempe.

The Economy

                Dubbed part of “the Silicon Desert,” Chandler has been less affected by the current recession than other areas of Arizona because of their unique relationship with tech companies such as Intel, Verizon, and Freescale Semiconductor. The endurance of this industry has helped support others in Chandler, such as service, retail etc. Companies such as Wells Fargo and Wal-Mart are also large employers in the city. While largely commercial and residential, Chandler’s economy possesses a small portion of agricultural income. The majority of Chandler’s workers are between the ages of twenty and forty, with a median income of $62,000 per year.

                Recently, Chandler’s housing market has also been on the up-swing, with the price-per-square-foot increasing by 27.4% from last year to $121. The median sales price of Chandler homes has also increased by 18.1% (or about $30,000) since last year, rising to a price tag of $214,817. The foreclosure rate for the Andersen Springs zip code has decreased by 400%, from a total of 80 foreclosures in October 2012 to less than 20 this April, solidifying real estate’s promising future for the Chandler area.

Is Andersen Springs for You?

                Yes, if you want everything but aren’t willing to give absolutely everything—and I mean everything—to have it. Chandler and particularly Andersen Springs are the most money-smart areas available in the Valley of the Sun. However, this isn’t one of those bottom-of-the-bargain-bin deals; Andersen Springs offers opportunities for fun, families, and futures in a quality community.